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July 19, 2011


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Shady Gardener

Oh, You. Beautiful photos. Are you out there with a cup of tea, at least??? :-)


Wonderful Kathleen!


Oh my goodness! I think this is the most beautiful post I've seen in a while! I was just about to sign off, and I thought I'd stop by. This will give me sweet dreams. Thanks!


Gorgeous early morning shots, I can see why you take these little jaunts through the garden for those beautiful pics! :)



I think it is great you are going to do your daughter's pictures.


Early morning is a wonderful time to be in the garden, isn't it? I love the smell of the air, the sound of the birds and special quietness that disappears as the sun continues to gain strength. Great photos!


Hi Kathleen, Dawn and dusk are my favourite times for taking pictures. I just love the golden quality the light has.


Kathleen, Nice photos. The coneflowers here are just starting to bloom. Takes some time when living on Lake Michigan - always cooler - except this Summer. Way too hot for me! Just got in from taking photos for the day. Already very humid and hot. Thus, I am checking out Blogs like yours to see and find a few new ones. Jack

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

Beautiful lighting. I love the differences the sunrise or sunset light angles show. Lovely pictures.


There is just something special about Echinacea isn't there? Yours look wonderful. I love your pictures.


I saw my first garden butterfly yesterday, a red admiral, but I didn't get the shot. There will be plenty more now that the buddliea is blooming! They just can't resist. I would love some purple poppy seeds, do you need a pink one in return?

Nancy Anderson

Gorgeous pics Kathleen!

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