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July 06, 2011


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Oh how pretty they are Kathleen. Girl how do you keep them standing so straight. LOL!


Beautiful garden, Kathleen. I can't get Delphs to grow here so I'm admiring yours from afar. Lovely penstemon too. Nice butterfly too.


Your delphiniums and penstemon look wonderful! Your Monarda is probably 'Marshall's Pink'. It looks lovely with 'Blue Stocking'.

We were having a lot of trouble with mosquitos earlier until the weather turned drier in June.


I envy your Delphiniums & Foxgloves. Never had much luck with either one, but yours look just like the photos I've seen in magazines. And that butterfly is a new one on me, never seen his type in my area either. :)


foxfgloves i can grow, delphs are a lost cause. my sister grew delphs in Wyoming, loved them as well as yours.


in regards to the comment you made on my xeriscape post. actually my foxgloves are in my moderate watering zone. I only have one dry zone, xeric. I call it the hellstrip.


Love the color and detail in the last photo Kathleen.

You have so many beautiful perennials growing in your garden!


Your delphinium are BEAUTIFUL! The blue ones are very special to us as they were one of our wedding flowers. Love all of your photos - the butterflies are lovely as well. Your garden looks like it's a real showstopper.


They are as tall as my okras but what a beauty those two colours! Your photos are great!

Nancy Anderson

I just planted my first delphinium. I got it half price at Wal-Mart:-) I hope I can keep it alive. I don't have your green thumb!


That is one gorgeous penstemon, I've never heard of one for shade before. Very nice butterfly.
I'm jealous of your delphiniums, I've never had luck with them. This year I was given some starts and since they're still alive!, I'm optimistic for next year.


Your delphiniums are beautiful! Love your Monarda, too. I need some for my garden! But that mourning cloak butterfly is amazing! I have not seen one in my garden. Your photos of it are wonderful!


Kathleen, Your delphinium are just beautiful!

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