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June 21, 2011


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Nancy Bond

I absolutely love the riot of colour in your garden! And your Butterball is adorable, too. :) (I collect roosters, so in that way, it's good your garden isn't close!) ;-)

Mary Olson

It took me several hours to look through all of your photos, and I have to say they are amazing. Could you be so kind to say what zone you are in? I have not ever seen many of the plants that you have. I read you are in Colorado, but have no idea what zone. I am in Minnesota zone 4 but might like to try my hand at some of your plants.


We also love our foxtail lilies and last year one of them self seeded.
I wouldn't be able to resist that hollyhock either. They usually re-seed. Love that iron rooster.
But nothing can beat Butterball for the cuteness factor!


Hi Mary.
Thanks for your nice comment. I'm currently gardening in zone 5 but previously gardened in Wyoming (zone 4) and had many of the same plants there that I now have here. Hope that helps!


How beautiful they are Kathleen. I had two yellow ones but they must have died out over the winter or this spring.The bulbs most likely rotted from all of the rain and that is a wet bed I had them in. I miss them this summer. I will have to replace them.
Butterball looks so pretty amongst the peonies.LOL! What a gorgeous little Hollyhock. I love the blooms. Have a wonderful week!


Your front garden looks fantastic! I love the look of the Emerurus ~ stately and yet very refined. I think Butterball is very handsome.


Love, love the Emerurus blooms! So envious, I give up on trying to grow this perennial. :(


Kathleen, Your garden shots are every bit as nice as the closeups. The new hollyhock is beautiful. I wouldn't be surprised if it does seed itself into reappearing next year.


All the pictures are pretty, but I especially love the second one with all the colors.
Our weather has been pretty sad still. Cool, gray and rain... and not much in the forecast either.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford

I like that Emerurus, am not familiar with it, but your photos make me want it. Nice plant to have in the garden.
Thought of you on Monday, bought a bargain Amaryllis at Park Seed ($1)....A. papilio. Planted it this morning....can't wait!!

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