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November 01, 2010


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Sorry things didn't quite turn out as you wanted, but the costume is great and I love your Cat-o-lantern. So cute! :)


The jack o'lantern does look like an evil mouse rather than a cat, but it's so cute!!


It's an awesome costume! For sure keep it even if your daughter won't wear it, it will be a keepsake forever. Too cute on the 'cat' jackolantern!


Kathleen your cupcake costume is just adorable. Keep it! So is your jackolantern - what a cute cat! Would you believe I still cannot carve pumpkins - do them backwards EVERY time - you know where the teeth come out the opposite of how they should look? I guess talented is just not my middle name! LOL


Well your mouse o' lantern was adorable! I'd wear that damn cupcake costume next year myself if I were you!


Hi Kathleen.Kids have their own way of doing things sometimes don't they? Is she at the age where she wants to be girly? I think the cupcake is so pretty. I love the material you used for the icing.What a shame she didn't wear it.Let her make her own next year.LOL! I think your Jack O'Lanterns are so cute.


That is a fabulous costume, but kids can be fussy. And the cat o' lantern is SO cute.


Kathleen, That's one of the best costumes I've seen! Such a shame your daughter refused to wear it; there's always next year! Love the cat/mouse o'lanterns~it's cute! gail


I'm back again - I was just reading that you might be heading this way - didn't know you had a brother up by Catherine. Maybe we could all get together if ya make it. Wouldn't that be fun?

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