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October 04, 2010


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We only looked when we stayed in Estes park~I do have a great photo my son's gf took of him on the veranda. They went over for cocktails while the parents rested! Glad you got to go and see the place! gail

Hilary Kanwischer

Oh I've been there!!! :) Well actually I drove by that hotel, we stayed at the Riversong B&B but you are correct, it is truly a site. I'd love to stay there though and see for myself if it's really haunted. But I'm telling you... if I heard chains or footsteps at night, I'd be gone in 2 seconds flat!!! :) Beautiful photos! :)


I've seen that hotel on tv, they did a whole documentary about it. So cool that you got to see it up close and personal. :)

Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings

Thanks. I didn't know about the Stanley Hotel. I also didn't know it was used for the Shining, but it certainly fits doesn't it? Bill and I will have to go there someday. I'm not much of a mountain girl myself either.


Hi Kathleen, Your photos surely piqued my interest. What a fabulous place. Now if money will just rain down from heaven, I'm there. LOL


I'm a bigger beach girl than mountain girl too, Kathleeen, but I'm also a "scenery" girl, so I enjoy mountains too just so I can photograph them!


What a splendid looking hotel. I would be in heaven if I could hike all day in the mountains and then come back to spend the evening there. (I cannot believe you don't love the mountains!)


I haven't been there yet but after seeing these gorgeous pics I am convinced that I need to go!

Shady Gardener

It looks like an amazing place! I love the mountains and I can't get there... ;-) too funny, Kathleen!

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