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April 03, 2010


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How neat to have seen a fox! I hope you can get a picture next time.
The eggs are very cute! My girls and their cousins dyed eggs yesterday and my sister and I couldn't resist dying some as well. Never too old for that kind of fun!
We are having cold (highs in the 40's) and rainy weather. I guess we're making up for no winter now.
Happy Easter!


Hey Kathleen girl !
Happy Easter and those are beautiful eggs .. I used to do coloured eggs for years .. but not recently .. I might get into that again for next year : )
Wow ! You sound like us with the raccoon .. we could get a picture of the mama but at least we had some of the babies .. it always seems to be just at the perfect moment .. no camera ? LOL
Have a great holiday : )

Sweet Bay

I love those eggs, they look great.

That must have been exciting to see the fox so close-up! We have Gray Foxes here and I see them from time to time. A couple have been remarkably fearless. They are so beautiful and graceful.

I'm sorry you're having miserable weather. The further the year advances the harder it is to take. The high didn't quite get up to 90 here after all, which is good, and yesterday we had cloud cover late in the day. Plus, it's not humid and there's a good breeze. Temps that high this early is unusual, although one April it seemed to be 88 every day (and humid) and quite frankly that kind of hurt. Having a first week in May with highs in the '90s isn't that unusual.

Wishing you a Happy Easter!


How cool is that to see a fox close by! Love those eggs-they are perfect! Happy Easter to you!


Hope you had a lovely holiday!
(I ate too much LOL)


Sadly, it seems all the little red foxes have been done in by those nasty coyotes, here on our island.


Hi Kathleen, I'm always off line on the weekends so I'll take this opportunity to wish you and yours a lovely and peace filled spring season.

Those vintage egg cartons are so cute. I don't remember home egg delivery but I do remember the days when everyone bought fresh eggs from almost any farmhouse.

Wildlife Gardener

How wonderful you saw a fox, Kasey...I can join in your excitement having just had one visit us recently :)

I do like your eggs...very pretty indeed :)

Happy Easter :)


Kathleen, you are such a talented crafter. I love the eggs and carton. Sighting that fox sounds like such fun. Wouldn't it be great to also see the kits?? Keep that camera handy.


That is so cute Kathleen I love it! Our weather has been beautiful lately so I haven't had much crafting time in lately.


it was a great weekend thank you. Love the eggs...Kathleen, is that your writing on the eggs. You have a wonderful script, no one can read anything I write! gail Next time you'll get the fox photo.

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