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March 09, 2010


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Oh...I'm so sorry to hear and SEE this! You DID have a good idea, but it backfired. It's happened to me numerous times. At least you're not alone!


yeah, i learned about that hot sun through the window bit a couple of times. no fun. i do hope your plants recover and someday look beautiful again.


I have them 'now why did I do that I know better' moments a lot. LOL! She will probably be alright but may lose a few leaves.


Something about the best laid happens sometimes. I think it will recover.


The shallow depth of field in the last image is lovely.


I hate when that happens :( I wouldn't have thought that much sun came through a glass block window. I hope it recovers and you have some fresh new leaves soon.

Jan (Thanks For Today)

It was a wonderful idea, and looked terrific! I'm sorry your plants got 'scalded' and hope they will be ok. It's kind of like working outside in the garden: we 'want' to put something in one particular area, when in reality, it won't do well in that spot and either will not grow in our zone, or needs to be moved to another location. In the process we often lose plants in our gardens, trying to use our creative eyes. Sometimes we do need to leave things the way they are, I guess. But isn't it way more fun to experiment? (!)

Sweet Bay

I'm sorry that didn't work out, but rest assured, I would have done the same thing. Except that I don't even dare to try to grow orchids.


I would never have thought glass blocks let in that much sun. Goes to show... Probably take a long time for the leaves to replace and look as nice as they did before. That's too bad. Seems like a perfect place to me too.

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