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December 15, 2009


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Oh yum - I feel bad for you being alone with all of those goodies. I know exactly what you mean about them calling your name. Bob's always telling people how chocolate calls my name - it's true!!! And for this reason I'm not baking this year. We had an inbetween holiday dinner Saturday and I baked those wonderful little Pumpkin Gooey Cakes and that's it!!!!! I gained so much weight while sick and on the 'big ugly' pill that I can't afford to gain more since I already had a lot to lose before I started it.
OK what's your address I'll be right over to be a friend and help you out of this bad situation. ;-) But only this once!!!!!


Hi Kathleen~~ Your truffles look so good I'm practically electrocuting myself from the drool on my keyboard. You've got some lucky friends. My daughter made gingerbread cookies and they're yummy but I've learned that baking before the 23rd is futile. Nothing will be left by Christmas. The idea is to get all the shopping done, bake and then EAT my way into a new year. Then it's back to the garden. Yay!


I love milk chocolate but that apricot white fudge looks wonderful. Poor me, I'm sitting here with a cup of tea and no goodies. Maybe I'll find time to make something tomorrow on my day off.


Everything looks so good! We've made Peppermint Bark, rocky road fudge and magic bars so far. I'm trying to give it away as fast as possible too. I'm a chocolate lover as well, and it's dangerous to have in my house.

Jackie (Ellie Mae's Cottage)

I think I need a chocolate fix after looking at your post! All I can say is Cappucino truffles! YUMMY!


Hi Kathleen, you are scaring me with all that sugar and chocolate. We have been bad, very bad too. And no time for outdoor work. Fudge, chocolate and yet more baking to do. It's just a long sugar fix from Thanksgiving to New Year's. We try to be good, but those buckeyes really are tempting! It does sound like you are having fun though. :-)

Noelle (azplantlady)

Hello Kathleen,

Oh Wow! I am starting to get hungry for all of your beautiful sweets. My second love, after gardening, is baking. And sadly, my waist line is not happy :(

Thank you for your thoughtful comments on my blog. They are much appreciated.



Beautiful. Your photos could grace the pages of Gourmet magazine (I miss that publication, so)....and your sugary treats are real not sprayed with stuff to make them shine! I bet they are wonderfully delicious! gail

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