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September 25, 2009


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I grow Jane, but I am in zone 7b. Mine is continuing to bud and bloom even now into late September. I would mulch her real well for the winter and keep your fingers crossed.


Sorry, I've never grown Jane. I wouldn't worry as much now as I would with a hard freeze in the late spring. The buds may get nipped (sorry I couldn't resist that old Barney Pfife quote) but the wood has been there since spring and should be ok...I think.


I killed the last two Janes I tried to grow...I can't give them what ever it is they need! But I think a mulch cover and good vibes couldn't hurt. The snal has a fantastic shell. gail


I bet she'll be okay. I was noticing how bad my spring planted Magnolia looks now. It was far too dry this summer for an newly planted tree and I wasn't very good about watering it. I hope next spring we both have flowers on our Magnolias to show pictures of.


Sorry Kathleen I don't know anything about Jane. But I do wonder why you wanted the snail to continue to live when they destroy so many flowers. I get rid of them as fast as I can if spotted around here. They're right up there with slugs in my yard. ;-)

Nancy Anderson

Your blog makes me realize what a terrible gardener I am! We just had 3 major trees removed so now we'll get more sunlight. I hope that helps next year. How is Janae??


I don't have a yard, so consequently, no Jane ;-) But I do know that sometimes it takes longer than we think to adjust to a new environment. The buds are a good sign, and I bet by next season it'll be looking great. Cheers!


Kathleen girl !
I love that snail with his home on his back : )
I'm not going to ask about Maypop .. but I'm sure next year will be a much better year for it .. so hang in there girl !

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