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September 27, 2009


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I love this project. Very clever, thank you for posting it so I'll have plenty of time to mess up two or three pumpkins before it looks as good as yours. gail


What a great idea and it turned out really nice. I just may have to try this, we've just started our fall decorating.


Very pretty and smart too using the fake ones.


Hi kathleen! Cool! I like the pot, too, it'd go well with my front garden!

Shady Gardener

Kathleen, What a Great Idea!! Oh, I'm so impressionable. I hope I can do something like this Very Soon! :-)

Sweet Bay

That looks great all lit up!


Fantastic! I love it. I'm not much into fall decorating but I love this one.


What fun. I know what you mean about getting things right....if it bothers you, take another photo! Good for you.


That's really cute, especially all lit up. I think I've seen those pumpkins at the local craft store. Great job, Kathleen. Very unusual and seasonal.


I forgot to say thanks for the tip on overwintering potted annuals. I've done it with pelargoniums but no other annuals. I'll give it a try, nothing to lose;)


That's quite festive and pretty. What a great idea for fall.

Jan (ThanksFor2Day)

I love it! I haven't started decorating for fall yet...just can't bring myself to leave summer behind. It's still pretty nice here and not at all fall-like, although the temps are no longer in the 90's! I am starting to think 'fall', though, and this project sounds like something even 'I' could handle! It looks classy, too! Thanks for sharing. I think I'll actually remember the steps involved;-)

the inadvertent farmer are just brilliant, this is so very cool! Kim


This is sooooo gorgeous - I love it!!! Thanks for sharing - you have transformed me fro a girl who doesn't really care for Halloween or the fall colors to getting in the groove with your ideas! Thanks, Jennifer

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