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December 09, 2008


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Indulgences! Chocolate...lots of chocolate. My favorite is Vosges....they make a wonderful hot chocolate that is made with hot peppers...excellent. If you get a chance to try these chocolates...go for it!

Thank you for asking!



Sugar and lots of carbs, lol. Tis the season to eat, drink & be merry afterall. We can start making New Year's resolutions to lose the pounds soon. ;)

Shady Gardener

I'm a Chai-a-holic! I try very hard to limit myself to one cup a day... but it's difficult. ;-) Of course a little chocolate doesn't hurt, either. :-) Do you like Jones' root beer? I've thought it was rather tasty! ha.


Those sodas look so cool. My favorite soda is Big Red. Can't find it everywhere though. I must try these out though.

the Inadvertent Farmer

Fudge..., simple no nuts, fancy with nuts, cream cheese fudge...gotta love 'em all!!! Kim


I have a weakness for really good chocolate - especially Swiss chocolate. I eat way more than I should at this time of year, but after all, we're supposed to be celebrating :)


I have never heard of Cane Soday but it is pretty with those oreos. Let's see...we eat Moravian sugar and gingerbread cookies. They are still hand made too by Mrs. Hanes and her merry bunch of bakers. She still lives on the land that has been in the family forever too.


Fudge is my favorite. Lots of walnuts in it too! Yum. I've never heard of the candy cane soda either, is it a regional thing?


I have never heard of Vosges chocolate Gail. I've never met a chocolate I didn't like tho so I'm sure I would enjoy these as well. Thanks for the heads up ~ I'll keep my eye out for them. Enjoy!


That's what I say every holiday Racquel. Somehow all the pounds never come off!!


I like Chai too Shady Gardener ~ it's delicious! Good choice to indulge in. I have tried the Jones root beer. I actually find almost every soda they make tasty ~ I just try not to drink them too often!!


If you try them Tina, let me know how you like them! I am addicted!


I can't argue with that Kim. I can happily eat all sorts of fudge too!


That's right Amy! I tell myself that too but then I still think I get a little too carried away! Enjoy your Swiss chocolate!


Gingerbread cookies are delicious Anna. Neat that you can buy a brand still handmade by the originator.


Hi Cinj. I don't believe Jones soda is regional. If you click on the link in my post, you'll go to their website and can see all the flavors they produce. There's probably a place to locate a retailer near you that carries them too. What I love are the holiday flavors they come out with each year only for that short time period. At Halloween we bought the 'blood orange' flavor. Very fun. oh, fudge is right up there on my list of indulgences too. :-)

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