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October 19, 2008


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Mother Nature's Garden

At least when you desire something yummy you know where to go.


That is what I call true temptation! ;)


Wish I had known of the day to celebrate! UGH! I missed my excuse! And don't those cupcakes look just divine? YUM!

Shady Gardener

Wow! They look wonderful. My daughter and I were just discussing the subject of red chocolate cake. Did you know that (many) years ago, they used to flavor/color the cake with beets? (I assume mashed.)

nawlins dawlin

yummy :) yum yum yummy! lol there is this awsome bakery that opened recently near my house, tiramsu is my weakness. I feel your pain...


It might be hard to wait until the next 'Sweetest Day' to go again. You'll have to think of another excuse :) They look scrumptious!
Thanks for visiting and leaving such a nice comment :)


I would have great trouble resisting. How many cupcakes are too many cupcakes? One a day? Twice a week? Hmmmm... Maybe one for every hour of exercise? Tough!


Oh my goodness. Those look so good.

Am I lucky there are no bakeries out in the country near my house? None on the way to work either. I'm afraid I am weak.


I love the Sweetest Day! My husband would be all over the Red Velvet Cupcake! I prefer my sweets and my sweet of choice is chocolate, in bars! Preferably dark with a high cocoa I could fight off the urge to splurge;-> But it would be a perfect place to get desserts for dinner company. Gail


It's almost too convenient tho Donna!


so true Racquel!!! They were just as delicious as they looked too.


Well, you could celebrate it a little belatedly, right Nicole??? At least that's how my mind works when it comes to sweets!


I did not know that Shady Gardener but it makes sense. The red coloring had to come from somewhere, beets would be the answer. Interesting.


It's a delicious pain isn't it Nawlins Dawlin?? Although hopefully we can keep our visits under control!!


It will definitely be difficult to hold off for a whole year Kerri! We'll just try to not go every week!!


That is a good question Layanee! I don't know the answer. My daughter would say there is never too many! I can see we'll have to step up our exercise!!


That is good Marnie. If there aren't any bakeries then there is no temptation and you don't have to worry about all the extra (empty) calories!


I'm with your husband on the Red Velvet Gail. Did you notice there were two of those?!! All mine! ;-)


oh my...that does look dangerous :)

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