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August 22, 2008


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Wildlife Gardener

Did somebody mention chocolate? thought one for me :)


Yum! Chocolate and Pomegranate & strawberry margaritas sounds like a delicious combination to me. Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like you had a nice celebration.

Nicole Anderson

AW! Happy Birthday! I hope you had a margarita for me!


Girlie drinks? Oh man, there goes my reputation as a he-man outdoorsman after enjoying (and writing about) great raspberry margaritas at a recent group camp-out.


Oh, it sounds like a fun time. Happy belated birthday, glad you had some friends to spend it with.


Happy B-Day! Wish I was at your girly drinks & cupcake party. Sounds perfect :)





I would love to personally deliver a chocolate cupcake to you at Barleycorn Wildlife gardener. Then maybe I could get my own private tour?!! ;-)


lol EcoRover! Your reputation is safe with me. I think my neighbor was just jealous because it was "girl's only!"


Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!! It was good. :-)

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